Pedal Pawn BluesPrint

Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s guitar tone is a neverending source of inspiration for blues guitarists, and the Pedal Pawn BluesPrint, a dual channel overdrive with a Tube Screamer on side 1 and a Blues Breaker on side 2 – promises authentic SRV tone on the first channel, thanks to access granted to the builder to a unit used by the legendary musician that was probably used during the mythical El Mocambo performance.

Side 2 features an authentic Blues Breaker tone, with its renown warm and punchy character. Each channel has its own footswitchg and 3 dedicated knobs for Volume Drive and Tone, while an internal DIP switch lets you reverse the order of the channels, which is probably less than ideal.

The UK builder has a reputation for forging pedals with high quality components and this is indeed reflected on the unit’s price, approaching $400 USD.

Pedal Pawn BluesPrint’ Features

• Side 1: Fat, clear & dynamic TS-style

• Side 2: Vintage, warm & punchy BB-style

• Independent Volume, Drive, and Tone knobs

• Internal A-B / B-A order switch

• Handcrafted in the UK

• Standard 9V power input

• True bypass switching