Oopegg ORV-1 Reverb

The Oopegg ORV-1 Reverb is one of the debut hand-made 3-pedal line released by high-end Japanese guitar maker Oopegg called Super Retro Series. The other two devices in the series are a compressor and a fuzz.

Simplicity, high quality, and vintage sound are the three keywords for these streamlined gray devices, which, translated to reverb, means a realistic spring tank simulator with just one knob (that sets the amount of reverb).

However, there are a couple of internal controls that do the following:

Decay Control Trim-Pot: allows to adjust the reverbs decay time.
Internal Volume Control: adjusts the output volume level.
Internal Kill Dry Switch: turns on only the wet (reverb effect) sound.

We added the Oopegg ORV-1 to our article about the best spring reverb pedals.

Oopegg ORV-1 Reverb, Builder’s Notes

OOPEGG hand-made pedal that produces an analog vintage style of spring/plate reverb sound. It has a wide-range MIX control knob which is useful for creating various kinds of music like Neo Soul, Jazz, Blues, City-Pop, Electro, and Shoegazing sound etc. with low noise.

Brand / Model: OOPEGG Super Retro Reverb ORV-1
Effect: Reverb
Input Terminal: 1/4Inch Phone IN.OUT
Input Level: 0dBu
Input Impedance: 1M?
Output Impedance: 47K?
True Bypass Power: DC9V 2.1mm Center Pin Negative or 9V Battery(006P)
Power Consumption: Max 70mAh
Size?Body?: 65(W) x 122(D) x 40(H) in mm
Net Weight: 280(g)
Accessory: OOPEGG TOP HAT mini / Pink x 1