Catalinbread Sinkhole Ethereal Reverb

The Catalinbread Sinkhole is another take of the Portland-based company at the ethereal, modulated reverb sought by ambient and shoegaze guitarists, after the very successful release of the Soft Focus. But while the latter was inspired by a preset of an old digital rack unit from the ’90s, the Sinkhole is an original design.

The reverb section of the circuit is presented as the “most ethereal” among the (many) reverbs released by the builder, with a sustain that can approach infinity, sounding at times like a synth pad. It’s followed by a deep four-voice chorus that’s with a feedback control and a slight high-cut filter to make things sound warmer.

The controls are more sophisticated than they appear, with the FDBK knob adjusting not only the amount of feedback in the chorus circuit but also the depth of the chorus. The VERB knob raises the amount of reverb but also its midrange frequencies’ content. The VOL knob adjusts the gain of the circuit’s preamp and can clip at higher settings, unless you feed the pedal 18v of power, which it accepts. The MOD knob controls the rate of the chorus, while MIX blends the clean and wet signals.

Here are the video!

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