Demiurge Instruments Atom Fuzz

Demiurge instruments is a small guitar and pedal builder based in the UK, and the Atom Fuzz is their take on the Fuzz Face, or rather, on another Fuzz Face-inspired pedal, the Suhr Rufus.

The pedal offers a much wider range of tones, thanks to knobs for bass and Mids and two toggles switches delivering extra brightness and fatness on demand.

The Treble toggle is a 3-way one, boosting the highs, for scooped, Muff-like tones in the left position, or taming them in the right position. The center position is flat.

The Fat toggle has two settings, adding a subtle lower-mid push.

Check out the video!

Demiurge Instruments Atom Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Super versatile, super tweakable, packed with awesome tone and jammed to the rafters with absolutely riffing fuzz tones; the Atom is the only fuzz you will ever need on your board. With everything from classic overdrive to booming, honky, blown speaker sounds on offer; the Atom is an absolutely awesome pedal that will offer something to fuzz afficionado’s and newcomer’s to the effect alike.


Controls for Bass; Mids; Level; Gain

Toggle switches for Treble and Fat

True Bypass

9vDc Negative PSU Only