Oopegg Fuzz

High-end Japanese guitar maker Oopegg just unveiled a line of pedals called Super Retro Series that, at least for now, is comprised of three products: a compressor, a reverb, and a fuzz. In this post, we’ll focus on the Oopegg OZZ-1 Fuzz, which, from the sound of it, is inspired by the Tone Bender.

Sporting a circuit based around a BC549C silicon semiconductor (found in many bender variants), the OZZ-1 produces smooth and roaring low-mids, and a defined high-gain sound with a spitty edge, long sustain and low noise.

The overall gain can also be tweaked through an internal trim pot.

Here’s the first video demo of it, we added this pedal to our articles about the best Tone Bender clones and variants.

Oopegg OZZ-1 Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

OOPEGG handmade fuzz pedal modified with a vintage fuzz circuit and well-selected BC549C silicon semiconductor. It produces smooth and roaring low-mid, and high-gain sound that makes us useful in strumming crunch and lead guitar solo etc. We designed it with simple control (fuzz and volume knob) that produces super long sustain with very low noise.

Input Terminal
1/4Inch Phone IN.OUT
Input Level
Input Impedance
Output Impedance
True Bypass Power
DC9V 2.1mm Center Pin Negative or 9V Battery(006P)
Power Consumption
Max 5mAh
65(W) x 122(D) x 40(H) in mm
Net Weight
OOPEGG TOP HAT mini / Blue x 1