NUX Verb Core Deluxe

The new frontier of multi-algorithms pedals is managing to fit a full stereo signal inside a compact pedal, and the NUX Verb Core Deluxe does just that – for $99! Although not a small feat engineering-wise, that’s not that surprising from a company that was able to create a line of stereo mini-pedals, some of which also sporting several modes!

Besides the stereoness of it, the Verb Core Deluxe is a rather standard multi-reverb pedal with 8 modes (Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tremolo-Verb, and Mod-Verb) and a “surprise” consisting in a momentary freeze effect triggered by holding down the footswitch.

The algorithms feature a nice selection of traditional (Spring, Room, Plate, Hall) and more creative and textural options (Trem-verb, Mod-verb, Shimmer and Damp) that should work well for guitarists with a wide sonic palette.

The small enclosure and affordable price point don’t allow for too many controls, with Decay, Level and a algorithm-variable Tweak knob – the table below shows what it does in each mode:


Naturally, a pedal like this will thrive or not because of how it sounds, and you should be able to evaluate that in the videos below. We added the NUX Verb Core Deluxe to our article about the best multi-algorithm pedals.

NUX Verb Core Deluxe, Builder’s Notes

Ambience in Motion

The NUX VERB CORE DELUXE is a reverb pedal with 8 different types including Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tre-Verb and Mod Verb. You can select the reverb type by using the Type knob.

Room reverb simulates a smaller acoustic space. In such a room, many reflections are absorbed by soft materials, and the sound is reflected and sustained only by the walls (covered with wallpaper), windows and maybe some furniture. Room reverb is akin to the normal ambience we’re used to hearing in the real world.

Hall reverb is based on the legendary Lexicon 224 which was unleashed in 1978. It has a famously lush reverb tail which single-handedly defined the sound of an entire era. A large encompassing reverb with warm, organic decay.

Plate reverb was inspired by EMT 140, which made use of a metal plate suspended in a steel frame, that was able to recreate reverberations like those heard in an acoustic space; a renowned studio reverb found on classic recordings.

Damp reverb is huge and endless, warm and natural.

Shim (shimmer) reverb pitch shifts the reverb up an octave through each feedback loop, creating a haunting and other-worldly sound. This is a unique effect that may open some interesting and experimental sonic options.

Spring reverb simulates the drippy and squishy sounding spring tank that was generated in a spring by creating a mechanical oscillation. To achieve a “bouncy” tone, Spring reverb is a solid choice for adding a bottom-heavy dimension. Classic surf reverb; great for Rockabilly too!

Tre-Verb (Tremolo Verb) combines tremolo and spring reverb, like the vintage tube amplifier with warm tremolo and spring reverb atmosphere that really fills out your sound with classic depth and dimension.

Mod-Verb (Modulation Verb) combines gorgeous chorus with damp reverb, this huge reverb delivers a lush, ambience-soaked sound.

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  • 8 reverb types in a compact enclosure.
  • Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tre-Verb, Mod-Verb.
  • Freeze function.
  • True-bypass or Buffer-bypass(Tails).
  • Supports Stereo.
  • Kill Dry.
  • Low power consumption. (less than 120mA)
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.


  • Weight: 270g
  • Input Impedance: 1M?
  • Output Impedance: 1k?
  • Dynamic Range: 104 dB
  • DSP Processing: 48KHz / 32-bit
  • A/D D/A Sampling Rate: 48KHz / 24-bit
  • Power: 9V DC(Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)
  • Current Draw: less than 120mA
  • Dimensions: 122(L) X 72(W) X 47(H)mm