Audiolithe FX Extinction Drive

Hailing from France, the Audiolithe Extinction Drive is a heavy yet uber-flexible dual overdrive that can produce a variety of tones, including Fuzz and Octave up sounds.

The left channel, controlled by the three knobs and one toggle switch on the left half of the pedal, is a classic overdrive with a Gain and Volume knob delivering anything from crunch to heavy gain and includes a Tone control and a Scoop toggle to tame the mids.

The Blast footswitch on the right, adds on top of the drive an extra gain circuit that can do a lot of things with just three knobs: The Lo/Hi Blast knobs add two EQ bandwidths of an Octave Up fuzz, so that you can precisely control the fuzz’s tone and its volume through the bigger knob at the bottom.

When the Lo/Hi knobs are all the way down, the circuit acts as a cleanish boost, with the Vol. Bl. knob selecting the amount of added dBs.

This is an interesting device, check out how it sounds in the video below.

Audiolithe Extinction Drive, Builder’s Notes

Extinction Drive is a dual channel saturation machine that brings back raw sounds form the lost ages and has the destructive power of an extinction level event.

The main channel ENGAGE produces drive tones from classic crunch to heavy gain.

Activate the BLAST footswitch and bring on the meteor crash. This second channel, that can also be used as a boost, adds a rumbling low fuzz and a screeching high octave-up above the principal overdrive circuit.

Get ready for the blast and melt your audience !