Strymon Nightsky Time Warped Reverberator

AC Noises Respira Shimmer Reverb + Multi-Mode Tremolo

EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny Octave Reverb

Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Digital Delay + Reverb

Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper

Neunaber Seraphim Shimmer

Keeley + Pedal Partners Realizer Reverb Artist Series

Horizon Devices Flux Echo + Reverb

Electro-Harmonix Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb

Flamma Ekoverb FS22

Comodoro Pedals Sabon Shimmer/Tremolo Reverb

The Best Reverb Pedals with Modulation and Fuzz/Distortion