REVV Tilt Overdrive

Canadian amp and pedal maker REVV has teamed up with Nashville’s guitarist and popular YouTuber Shawn Tubbs (whose videos we aggregate in this blog) to release the REVV Tilt, an overdrive + boost pedal with a peculiar EQ section.

Hailing from Music City, Shawn cares about tone very much, and this pedal was created to satisfy his need for an amp-like, touch-sensitive overdrive that also allowed the flexibility granted by modern gain pedals with multiple switchable gain stages.

Tilt is a dual-channel pedal with a boost feeding an ovedrive where each channel has its dedicated footswitch. While the overdrive offers your regular Bass+Treble controls for basic tone sculpting, it’s the boost side that includes the most interesting feature of the pedal: a TiltEQ knob linked to a 3-way Tight toggle, which applies two different high-pass filters to the signal – or leaves it flat in the center position. The knob, rather than boosting or cutting the frequencies, simply selects the frequency where the filter starts filtering out the bass range of your signal.

Here are the video demos of the Tilt overdrive.

REVV Tilt Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

A Full-tilt Dirt Pedal Voiced by Shawn Tubbs

Whether you discovered him through his session work, touring acts, or his incredible YouTube demos, you most likely know Shawn Tubbs for two qualities: scorching fingerboard acrobatics and exceptional tone. As the result of meticulous collaboration between Shawn and Revv founder Dan Trudeau, the Tilt Overdrive carries on Shawn’s tonal legacy with an incredibly touch-sensitive and amp-like OD sound. The Tilt boasts a 3-position tight switch and two distinct EQ sections — a 2-band drive EQ and a Tilt boost EQ — to offer a wide tonal palette worthy of Shawn’s genre-hopping style. If you happen to go down a rabbit hole of some of his demo videos, you’ll be greeted by an impressive studio setup of world-class guitars, amps, and effects — it’s high praise that Shawn has chosen to place the Tilt among them!

• Collaboration between session/stage/YouTube guitarist extraordinaire Shawn Tubbs and Revv found Dan Trudeau
• Exceptionally natural amp-like OD tones that are highly responsive to your playing
• 2-band drive EQ and tilt boost EQ for exceptional tone shaping capabilities
• 3-position tight switch to cut out the mud on higher boost settings
• Road-worthy construction, with a blue sparkle finish and custom Shawn Tubbs graphic
• Top-mounted 1/4-inch inputs to save room on your pedalboard