Multi-Stage Gain Pedals

Jam Pedals Double Dreamer Overdrive

Updated Pedals: Dawner Prince Diktator MKII

Updated Pedal: Thorpy FX The Dane MkII Overdrive

Nordvang No.1 Signature Klon-Style Overdrive

Mask Audio Electronic Part Garden Dual Fuzz

Pedal Update: Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible V2

Ibanez Pentatone Preamp and EQ Pedal

Legendary Pedals: Analogman King of Tone Dual Overdrive

Heather Brown Sensation Fuzzdrive

Mojo Hand FX Sericon K-Style Overdrive

Redbeard Effects Angry Rhubarb MkII Overdrive

New Pedal: Acorn Amplifiers TMA-1 Fuzz