Pine-Box Custom is a Memphis based pedal builder that specializes in gain pedals and fuzzes featuring illustrations of screaming old white men at times featuring sea creatures in their mouths (it’s true!). The Skin-Walker is their new release for 2019 and it’s a take on the Tone Bender circuit with added Shape and Bias controls for extra flexibility.

The pedal uses Silicon transistors voiced to maintain the warmth of the Germanium ones found in the original unit. Check out the video by Demos in the Dark, below.

The Skin-Walker is the Pine-Box take on the classic, 3-knob Tone Bender circuit. With added flexibility and reliability, the Skin-Walker takes you from smooth, vintage overdrives, to roaring leads, all the way to the gated, sputtery fuzz we all love. While Silicon transistors are at the heart of its construction, they have been voiced to maintain the legendary warmth of their Germanium brothers. The added SHAPE and BIAS controls offer you a world of tonal possibilities. The Skin-Walker is a plethora of tones in one enclosure.


VOLUME- We still haven’t figured out exactly what this one does. Stay tuned for updates.

BIAS- Controls the amount of voltage you are sending to the transistors. CW will result in a louder more woolly fuzz. CCW will give you a much smoother fuzz that even reaches overdrive territory. There is also a rumor circulating that there are some glitchy, dying battery sounds somewhere in the rotation. Ahab wants you to lean towards CW; but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

FUZZ- As you probably guessed, the FUZZ control allows you to regulate the amount of fuzz/distortion. The FUZZ knob is a little different than your standard control; at noon, you will have a blend of two slightly different fuzz textures, offering you the cleanest setting. The amount of fuzz/distortion increases both counter-clockwise and clockwise, offering you two similar, but different voicing options. 5 and 7 o’clock will be your highest gain settings.

SHAPE- The SHAPE control (often referred to as a “fat” control) gives you the ability to shape the circuit on the front end to better suit different pickup styles. CW adds rich high-end harmonics, and is better suited for higher output, humbucker equipped guitars.  CCW will accentuate the lows and add a bit of volume/gain. This setting works extremely well for single coil pickups with a lower output.

TONE- CW highs. CCW lows.

  • True Bypass

  • High quality Neutrik jacks

  • Enclosures printed and painted by Pine-Box.

  • High quality Wima & Nichion Capacitors

  • Built from start to finish in the USA

  • Standard negative ground power