DS Custom Blender

Based on the cult Fender Blender Fuzz, one of the first fuzz pedals (if not the first) to feature a clean/wet blend knob, the DS Custom Blender is an Octave Fuzz made in Bavaria, Germany.

The set of controls reflects closely the one found on the original, with knobs for Volume, Sustain, Tone and Blend, and two footswitches for On/Off and “Tone Boost,” which disables the Tone control and applies a mid boost to the signal.

The German company improved on the original’s circuit by auditioning several components and settling on hand-selected and matched NOS Soviet Germanium diodes.

The original Fender pedal was famously used by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Shield of My Bloody Valentine.

DS Custom Blender Octave Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The DS Custom Blender was born to popular demand, to get back one of the rarest and most distinctive pedals in Fuzz history. The original Blender got famous due to popular users like Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Shield of My Bloody Valentine.

For the Blender we auditioned quite a few transistors and diodes to find the ones which perform optimally. As for diodes we use some NOS Soviet Germanium diodes, which (as the transistors) we hand select and match.


  • On Footswitch: Switches from Bypass to Effect Sound. If LED is active, you’ll hear the effected sound of the Pedal
  • Tone Boost Footswitch: Enhances the equalization of the Tone control. Please note this disables the Tone Poti!
  • Volume Poti: Controls the Output Volume
  • Sustain Poti: Controls the amount of Fuzz
  • Tone Poti: Controls the amount of Treble/Bass
  • Blend Poti: Controls the ratio of Clean and effected Signal