JAM Pedals Custom Octaurus

Hosted in a green suede enclosure reminiscent of the Foxx Tone Machine, the JAM Pedals Custom Octaurus is a limited edition, point-to-point fuzz by the established Greek company inspired by the sound of the legendary octave-up circuits of the ’60s and ’70s, but not necessarily voiced after any one of them.

It features early 60s NOS silicon transistors made by Transitron or General Instrument or both, similar to 2N335/336. The bottom plate is also wrapped in suede and features a zip that lets you peak into the pedal’s hand-wired guts.

Designed to retain the original body and the added octave across all pickup positions and fretboard placement, the Octaurus features two toggle switches offering increased tonal flexibility:

  • The Scooped-mids toggle offers a more hollow tone that works well with tight riffs delivering a more pronounced octave effect.
  • The Symmetrical/Asymmetrical clipping toggle delivers two options with slightly differenc tightness and definition.