Mr. Black, out of the great northwest, has been designing cutting-edge guitar pedals for a while now. Their latest innovation comes in the form of the Ambience Echoverb, born from the perfect marriage of a multi-tap delay and reverb. The Ambience falls somewhere between a delay, a reverb, and a modulation pedal capabale of conjuring up great ambient Edge-inspired sounds and equally at home on leads and rhythms.

Controls are simple enough. The ‘Decay’ actually functions as adjusting the number of repeats as well as how much reverb they have on them. ‘Span’ controls the distance between repeats, and the ‘Level’ knob rounds out a simple interface.

Rock solid housing, true bypass, solid/noiseless switching, and battery or adapter power round out the features. Mr. Black keeps offering fresh ideas to the market, and it will be interesting to see what they come out with next. – Brandon Stoner