Marshall Black Box Series Reissues

The internet was abuzz with commentary about the videos posted by UK’s builder Pedal Pawn‘s Chris King Robinson about Marshall’s yet unannounced reissues of their four-pedal black box series, including the very influential Blues Breaker overdrive and the Guv’nor, which started the Plexi-style pedal frenzy, and which had a compact V2 which can still be found used on

Today these pedals were finally officially announced by Marshall

Have a listen to how they sound in the videos below. Wanna get these pedals and be supportive? Buy it through our Sweetwater or zZounds affiliate programs – at no extra cost.

Marshall Black Box Series Reissues, Builder’s Notes

We’re proud to introduce accurate re-issues of the Guv’nor, Shredmaster, Drivemaster and Bluesbreaker pedals. Meticulously recreated and instantly recognisable, these pedals capture the originals’ iconic sounds. Assembled by hand in the UK, every detail has been precisely and faithfully reproduced.

All that’s missing is the stories collected over 30+ years of use. That’s where you come in.