Many legendary pedals were created under the Ross brand, and their designs are still relevant and beloved by both gearheads and studio guys alike. One of their most famous was a compressor, simply called the “R-Comp,” which Gilbert, Arizona’s manufacturer Vick Audio managed to recreate faithfully.

A unit with a lot of versatility, the R-Comp excels at achieving all types of compression from subtle squeeze to extreme squish, all the while remaining transparent and adding no extra noise to the signal.

Controls are familiar to even the newest players to the compression game – simple ‘Sustain’ for dialing in the amount of compression (similar to a ‘Threshold’ control on other compressors) and ‘Volume’ for leveling the output.

Closing out this classic design are rock-solid components, Neutrik jacks, standard 9v 2.1mm power jack, and true bypass switching for an even more silent experience. Why go for an overpriced, hard-to-find relic from yesterday when there is a great sounding, affordable option like this one available?

Vick Audio also offers recreation of Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive pedals, and also some original ones, like the Tree of Life.– Brandon Stoner