Flamma Black Dist

At just under $30 USD, the Flamma Black Dist is one of the most affordable (mini) distortion pedals on the market, from a Chinese builder whose pedals have been appreciated for their tone and looks – their stylized by stylish graphics make them by far the best-looking pedals coming out of China.

The Black Dist can go from classic dark RAT tone to a more punchy version of it when the Turbo voice is engaged.

Check out the videos below. We added it to our article about the best RAT pedals, clones and evolutions.

Flamma Black Dist, Builder’s Notes

The FC19 Distortion pedal brings fire and brimstone to your pedalboard in the smallest package yet.

The large distortion knob lets you easily adjust your gain level while the mini knobs allow for more fine tweaking of volume levels and tone color.

When things need to get extra nasty, pop the toggle switch from Vintage to Turbo. When you’re done, the true bypass circuit ensures a noise-free environment until you’re ready for more of that warm, sweet, vintage distortion.