Keeley‘s compression pedals have an incredible reputation, so the release of a new “Limiting Amplifier” (called GC-2) is certainly an event that should get many guitarists interested.

This hand built stompbox sports a black case with elegantly minimal white and red signs, and delivers studio quality compression – which basically is like to say that it’s uncolored and transparent. This should make it interesting for guitarists into clean sounds, which are coming back in fashion with the revival of the jangly tones of the 80s, or Mac DeMarco clean and slightly chorused signature guitar.

The pedal’s compressing / limiting  technology was borrowed by Keeley’s Bassist Limiting Amplifier, based on the very high fidelity THAT Corp. 4320 processor, and its musicality and low noise make it ideal not only for guitar and bass but also for keyboards and drum machines.

The controls are simple, featuring only three knobs for Compression, Threshold and Gain, while attack and release response will vary according to the signal level and the player’s style.

Like it’s always the case with compressors/limiters, you’ll get limiting effects by turning up the compression knob all the way.