Keeley California Girls

Those among you owning a 6 string and interested in the sparlky sound of a 12-string guitar should lend an ear to the Keeley California Girls, a 12 String Simulator pedal.

Released together with the “I Get Around” Rotary simulator and in synch with the Disney+ documentary on the Californian band, this stereo stompbox faithfully reproduces the sound of those iconic guitars beloved to Brian Wilson and co.

This is what the controls do:

  • Blend: A dry/web mix knob
  • Chorus: Controls the amount of the modulation effect.
  • Rate: Sets the chorus speed.
  • Echo Toggle: Adds a short and subtle slapback echo.
  • X2: Toggles the 12-string simulator. Deactivating it will play the signal through the chorus effect alone.
  • Echo Level: An alt-feature that lets you control the volume for the echo.
  • Octave Tone: Another alt-feature tone control for the octave effect in the simulator, delivering more brightness or warmth.

Check out the demos!