With the exception of their tremolo, Athens, Georgia’s boutique manufacturer Greer Amps has been focusing on producing great sounding, top quality distortion stompboxes.

But since there’s fun in change, they recently announced their first delay pedal – the Black Tiger Delay Device, which marries analog and digital techynology, priding itself of a warm decay that – like a quality analog delay – gets grainy as it trails off. It is designed to sound every bit as warm as the great analog delays of yesteryear, but with some modern updates.

Standard ‘Feedback’, ‘Time’, and ‘Mix’ controls are present and joined by the unique ‘Trails’ throw switch, which allows the repeats to continue after the effect has been bypassed. Rounding out the feature set is rock-solid construction (built to order) and a great lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a vintage-sounding delay with some modern features, check out this cool pedal from an up-and-coming pedal manufacturer. – Brandon Stoner