Greer Super Hornet Octave Fuzz

Popularized by such 6 string pioneers as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards the octave fuzz effect has attained somewhat legendary status in the rock music lexicon. Greer Amplification has been producing high-quality analog guitar pedals for some time, and their newest offering is a fresh take on the classic octave fuzz design. Called the Super Hornet, the effect is based on a vintage Foxx Tone Machine and offers a novel momentary switch called STINGER, which allows triggering the octave parameter on and off without the button locking in one or the other position. This can lead to some really cool ideas.

While the Super Hornet is a great-sounding standalone fuzz, the octave feature expands its usefulness. Greer Amplification is well-known for making great overdrives, and this pedal expands on that reputation. While octave fuzz may be one of the oldest ideas in the electric guitar pedal world, the company has found a way to inject a little innovation into a timeless design.

Check out the videos of the Super Hornet. We added this pedal to our article about the best Foxx Tone Machine clones and variants.

Greer Super Hornet Octave Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The Super Hornet has been a long time in the making…at least in Nick’s mind. Based on one very special FOXX Tone Machine in Nick’s collection, this pedal is a shop favorite when it comes to fuzz and anything octave. We took the basic building blocks of the vintage circuit, tweaked it, put a little bit of special sauce in the design by using NOS BC-107B transistors, and threw an added feature in the mix. You’ll notice that there is an octave toggle, like on the vintage units that these pedals are styled after…but, that’s not just a straight-forward on/off toggle. When the toggle is in STINGER mode, the momentary STINGER switch becomes active. You can simply stand on the momentary switch, to engage the OCTAVE for a lead run, then come off of the STINGER switch to return to normal fuzz, or even tap the switch, to flutter the octave on and off. This feature is absolutely awesome. When the toggle is in OCTAVE mode, the fuzz is permanently an OCTAVE fuzz, and the STINGER switch is NOT ACTIVE. The fuzz control goes from light fuzz with some clean, to raging wall of fuzz tones. The tone control is a wide sweep tone control. All in all, this pedal is a perfect addition to any guitar or BASS player’s tone arsenal. The OCTAVE even works in low fuzz settings!

NOS BC-107B transistors!
Based on a classic rock machine!
Light fuzz to aggressive, wall of fuzz tones!
STINGER switch that allows for momentary octave when the fuzz is engaged!
True Bypass
Uses a standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply only!
5 year warranty to the original owner