A modulated delay built by a company best known for their Plexi-style overdrive, the Weehbo Genks Modulated Time Device is a modern, analolg-voiced digital delay with tap tempo, modulation and several other desirable features.

Utilizing the ubiquitous PT2399 chip, the Genks can deliver repeats as long as 600 ms, whose rate can be set manually via the Tine knob or through the Tap Tempo footswitch + the three subdivision options (4th, 8th and dotted 8th) via the Div toggle.

Another 3-way toggle named Tone delivers three EQ voices for the repeats: Bright, Warm/Saturated or Dark.

The Modulation section can be activated by turning up the Depth knob on the right, with the speed set by the Rate knob on the left and the 3 LFO shapes selected via another 3-way toggle switch. The modulation speed can go from speed 1 Hz to 10 kHz

Holding the Tap Tempo button will produce a momentary self-oscillation effect.