From MBS Effects out of Buenos Aires, Argentina comes a truly innovative design – the Parallel Universe.  This unique pedal provides a variety of signal routing and blending options, offering rig routing choices that before might have only been daydreams.

At its core, it is a mixer that allows you to mix your dry signal with whatever you have in the effects loop of the pedal in a parallel fashion. But the Parallel Universe is so much more than just that – it can be used as a true bypass loop, active mixer, mute switch, and signal driver.

The controls are more detailed on this pedal than most others. ‘Level’ contours the overall output, and the ‘Blend’ knob tailors the dry/wet ratio of the signal. The singular ‘Phase’ button coordinates the relationship between the dry and effected signals. It also offers two internal controls for the ‘Send’ and ‘Return’, allowing the player to gain stage properly with the other elements of their rig.

Rounding out the features are true bypass switching and a great transparent buffer. It is suitable for use with any line level signal – guitar, bass guitar, or keyboards. – Brandon Stoner