After the successful launch of their first pedal, the Clusterfuzz, the Elk Grove Illinois stompbox manufacturer Function F(x) is back with their sophomore product, The Third Rail, the company’s first foray into overdrive, which provides a one stop shop for discerning crunch aficionados.

The box features two distinct overdrive channels in one box, each with its own tone, gain, and volume knobs. Also, both sides have a toggle to choose between a silicon diode, a Schottky diode, and no diode. Each channel can be run independently or together for a stacked option for high gain and compression. The primary difference between the right channel and left channel is the right offers a “bass cut” switch while the left offers a high gain switch.

Overall, this is a high end quality box that fills the role of the popular double tube screamer option in one fell swoop at a retail price of $269. Perhaps best of all, Function F(x) has a loyalty credo that includes a one year no strings attached warranty (within the parameters of a “reasonable” failure) and beyond that limited warranty whereby they will repair damaged pedals either for free or for the cost of bench work depending on the issue. It’s always nice to hear when a new manufacturer stands by their product and commits to a long term relationship with their guitar players. – Ryan Dembinski