Melodic and atmospheric, Brooklyn’s Cold Stone Fox boasts a sound that’s multifaceted but extremely balanced. Their latest EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ harmoniously blends psychedelia with some of that melodic, ethereal but somewhat dark rock of the ’80s (we hear a little bit of Simple Minds and The Church). Such well produced sound could not NOT trigger some Delicious Audio questions about their gear…

The guitars on your new record are plentiful, but never go overboard; what pedals do you have on your board these days?

Kevin (guitar/lead vocals): I have a EHX Micro Pog octave pedal that I wish I could use more of, a Maxon Tube OD-9 Tube screamer overdrive, which is a great boost someone gave me with a gorilla holding a guitar painted on it, and a Line 6 Verbzilla (I get shit for having from the band cause it’s Line 6 but screw them it’s a great pedal…)


Kevin’s pedalboard

Justin (bass): I recently bought an Origin Effects Cali76 Limiting Amplifier which I am loving as my front end. After that I have a Digitech Bass Whammy, MXR Bass Octave, Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth, Red Panda Context reverb/delay, Strymon Ola chorus/tremolo, and last an Aguilar Agro overdrive.


Justin’s board

Graham (lead guitar): My set of knobs of switches involved in my quest for tone starts with a Fulltone OCD drive. This pedal is the base for all my drive tone, and allows me to get more dark grit out of my amp at lower volume. After that, I have Xotic EP Booster pedal, which is based on the amplifier circuit of the Echoplex tape delay unit.


Graham’s board

A crescendo of messy boards!!! Is your signature distortion coming from the amp or from a pedal?

Kevin: It’s a good mixture of both, the Vox AC 15 cranked up to a good breaking point and then just crunch it a tiny bit with the Maxon overdrive.

Justin: My amp for sure, I run an Aguilar db659 Tube Preamp into my Aguilar AG500DC.

Graham: It’s a combo of both pedal drive and amp drive. I like playing with gain staging and pedals to get the Fender Deluxe right in that sweet spot.

What’s your newest stompbox and why did you buy it?

Justin:  The Aguilar Agro,  I just wanted more flexibility regarding saturation levels for my distorted sounds, My AG500DC amplifier has a distortion channel, so these two combined give me the ability to change my saturation level or gain staging mid song.

Graham: The Strymon Timeline delay, it’s a beast of a delay pedal. There are so many possibilities, I’ve really just scratched the surface of what it can do.

Is there something you do with one of these pedals that is not very straightforward?

Graham: sometimes it’s fun to put modulation and drive after the delays, just to get crazy.

Are there any pedals out there you are itching to buy?

Justin: I’m pretty happy with my current combination of effects, but i’m sure ill get the bug soon enough.

Graham: on the hunt for a vintage chorus pedal of some kind.