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There’s a new tendency in the pedal manufacturing world we really dig and encourage: we are referring to mainstream companies like Dunlop and DigiTech assigning some of their pedal designs to “emerging” boutique manufacturers. One of the new products of this kind of interaction is the DOD Boneshaker distortion, which was created by Tennessee’s Mark Wenz, the man behind the Black Arts Toneworks creations.

The Boneshaker is not your regular distortion, but a a very versatile and unique pedal thought for players who enjoy extended-range guitars, baritone and bass—anything heavy, loud and low. Its gain is driven by a 3-band parametric EQ, an original feature that allows to sculpt guitar tones from the fine tuned to the insane. The Depth knob controls the overall low frequency “growl,” matching the range of your instrument.

This is a pedal thought for metal players, but it might just be as inspiring for “unsubtle” experimental guitarists.