ReplayBox FACE1 e1425680266957Continuing the line of hallowed delay pedals that include the award winning Replica, the Reptile 2, and the Duck Tail, T-Rex effects has introduced yet another delay effect into the mix. The latest addition is called the T-Rex Replay Box, which came about due to reverse inquiries of customers asking for a pure delay that does not modify the tonal quality of the original guitar signal.

Given that the T-Rex Replica is one of the most sought after delays with all the bells and whistles, the Replay Box captures a lot of those popular features – most importantly the high quality tap function, which in my opinion is hands down the most important feature for a delay pedal – but it also has a few distinguishing features. The main case for the pedal is simple: the Replay Box is a smaller encasing as opposed to the bulkier full-size Replica, and it’s cheaper. The Replay box is a horizontally set standard size stompbox, not the double wide you see in most delays. Also, the price point is more in the mid-range $250 ballpark as opposed to the high end $380 for a Replica. It also has full stereo capabilities to help get that analog tape echo sound.

The great selling point for the Replay box is really the tap function for controlling the repeat frequency in an easy to access control but in a small size pedal. Once you play a delay pedal with the tap capability, the thought of buying one without it is ludicrous. It really is one of my favorite pedal innovations of all-time. You still get the standard four knob controls including volume, mix, repeat, and tempo as well as a toggle switch for precise quarter notes, eight notes and dotted eight notes, but with the tap you basically never need to worry about the dials, and you’ll never be caught off guard with a mismatched delay rhythm in the middle of a set. It’s all controllable on the fly with a simple tapping out of the beat along with the drummer.

In terms of tone, this sounds like a great analog sounding pedal with easy functioning. You can’t go wrong with any of the T-Rex delays, but this one is a great small pedal that keeps your clean guitar tone intact with stereo capabilities. – Ryan Dembinsky