With its five knobs and two toggle switches, the Whimsy Machines Jeff is a Muff-inspired fuzz for the tweaking-inclined – although this new version develops the circuit in creative directions unknown to any of the original Big Muffs.

The three knobs in the center are a rather peculiar EQ section featuring “regular” Low and High knobs and a “Sweep” control that boosts a middle frequency of choice.

The two toggles do the following:

Oscillate Enable turns on a pre-amp stage oscillation that will facilitate feedback

Clipping Boost activates a clipping stage high-frequency boost.

Check Jeff out in the video below, we added it to our article about the best crazy, weird and unusual fuzz pedals.

Whimsy Machines Jeff Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Say “hello” to the second incarnation of our 100% custom JFET based Big Muff (Jeff = JFET + Muff). We strived to respect the paradigm of the original Big Muff with our first Jeff release while sill designing “what a Big Muff could be.” A careful balancing act between traditional expectations while still trying to stand out from the countless and amazing “Custom Muffs” out there.

This version respects no paradigm and was made to befuddle the tone chaser. Without hyperbole, this is for those that truly want something different. From pre-amp stage osccilation, clipping stage high boost, 2 stage gyrator based EQ with cut/boost low, cut/boost highs, swwepable mid frequency boost and a second “post-clipping/pre-EQ output; this isn’t really a Big Muff anymore.