The Interstellar Audio Machines Octonaut Hyperdrive is a Klon clone that’s gaining quite a bit of attention for its authentic tone that replicates the original’s expressive and transparent tone.

The circuit features hand-picked rare germanium diodes, true buffered bypass and a double ganged gain pot. In true Klone fashion, it employs a “natural crossover” circuit to blend the overdrive with the clean signal.

Have a listen to it in the videos below. We added it to our article about the Best Klon Clones.

Interstellar Audio Machines Octonaut Hyperdrive, Builder’s Notes

The Octonaut Hyperdrive is a true overdrive guitar pedal featuring rare germanium diodes rigorously tested for optimum tone, true buffered bypass and a double ganged gain pot. The pedal uses “natural crossover” to diminish clean tones and expertly blend the true overdrive into a revolutionary sound. Pair it with any guitar and amp and get the tone of the gods.