All-Pedal Devils Triad (Jeff Loomis signature)

The All-Pedal Devils Triad is a new multi-effect stompbox created for metal players built in collaboration with Jeff Loomis of bands Nevermore and Arch Enemy. Its circuit comprises footswitchable overdrive, boost and a reverb/delay effects within a single box roughly the size of two compact pedals.

Designed to be Loomis’ “all-in-one pedal for live and in-studio purposes,” the Devils Triad does in fact cover a lot of ground, being able to deliver several types of distortion (from smooth crunch to very high-gain tones) through the interaction of the Boost and the op-amp Drive circuit, plus a useful Tone knob that facilitates sculpting and tone fine-tuning.

The Reverb/Delay section of the pedal is digital but retains the analog dry signal) and allows to edit both effects with three knobs each: the Reverb has its own level, tone, and decay controls, while the Delay has its own volume, feedback, and speed settings. The footswitch turns them both on or off.

Here are the videos!

All-Pedal Devils Triad, Builder’s Notes

In Collaboration with Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, we are proud to introduce the Devil’s Triadâ„¢. Jeff Loomis Signature Guitar Pedal.

Drive: Analog op-amp with Soft Clipping

260K @ 1KhZ

Level:Off – 20db

Tone: 10db Boost @ 4KhZ | 15db cut @ 4KhZ

Gain: Increases Signal to the clipping LEDS to increase distortion.

Boost: Analog op-amp

Measured input impedance: 325K @ 1KhZ

Boost: Unity – 20db

Analog signal path with digital plate reverb emulator.

Level: Volume of wet signal, dry signal always unity level.

Tone: Attenuates highs from wet signal only.

Decay: Sets the level of wet signal feedback.

Analog signal path with digital repeats.

Measured input impedance: 250K @ 1KhZ

Level:Volume of the repeats, dry signal always unity level.

Feedback: Number of repeats.

Delay: Time between repeats ~50ms minimum / ~500ms maximum.