The KMA Machines Mandrake Octo Shrieker is the Berlin-based company refinement of the octave-up fuzz circuit found in the “Shriek” section of their popular Moai Maea octave-drone pedal.

The core of the fuzz circuit is the Timber control, which sets the amount of gain. Filter is an EQ knob that gets bassier at higher settings – and doomy bassy tones is precisely what this pedal promises, which is also why the fuzz circuit is transistor-based, with enhanced rectification circuit topology, which delivers a more robust tone.

The two smaller knobs at the bottom control the amount of dry and octave-up (Oct+) signal.

Hear how it sounds in this video.

KMA Machines Mandrake Octo Shrieker’s Features

  • Analog upper octave pedal – from subtle tone enhancement to full-on dual octave grind
  • Ultra-fast tracking, with variable TIMBRE and FILTER controls
  • Easy-to-use interface, with high levels of flexibility
  • Discrete transistor-based fuzz, with enhanced rectification circuit topology – for a more robust and present upper-octave
  • Active, pre-gain 2nd-order filter section, designed to perfectly prepare any instrument’s signal for octaval tones
  • Independent Mix controls for precise balancing of both the effected and dry signals
  • Compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks – will fit into any setup
  • True Bypass silent relay-based soft switching