fuzzrocious lunareclipse

The lunaReclipse from Fuzzrocious Pedals, like the astronomical event it borrows its name from, is a unique stompbox that select between 12 (yes, 12!) different diode configurations to let you clip your signal in the best way that suits you. Needless to say, this all happens in the analog realm.

This, of course, opens up a world of possibilities for use as a preamp, overdrive, boost and all sorts of gain related applications. The controls are simple, just an output volume and the 12 position rotary selector for the clipping. The latter doesn’t feature any signs for the various settings, perhaps to avoid clutter but also to invite the player to trust his or her own ears – it’s always good to challenge your acquired preferences through some “blind testing”!

However, these are the 12 clipping options on the menu:

1:00 – 1n914/1n914
2:00 – germanium / germanium
3:00 – 1n4001/1n4001
4:00 – LED/LED
5:00 – 1n914-1n914/1n914
6:00 – germanium – germanium / germanium
7:00 – 1n4001-1n4001/1n4001
8:00 – LED – LED /LED
9:00 – 1n914-1n914/germanium
10:00 – germanium – germanium /LED
11:00 – 1n4001-1n4001/LED
12:00 – clean boost

This pedal shines when front-loading an almost dirty amp or pushing other pedals in a chain. By itself, it can sound a little thin, but it provides so many options that something is guaranteed to work with whatever setup you have. It also sounds really great on bass guitar, pleasantly overdriving the signal but not losing too much bottom end. – Stoner