Presented by the company as a Boost, the FFX Pedals All You Can Boost, with its two red boost knobs, is an extremely flexible gain pedal that has enough gain to act as an overdrive, when needed.

The 3-band EQ section can be turned on and off through a separate footswitch. An extra Hi-Pass filter helps remove muddy frequencies when necessary. This feature is great to add that extra bump in the mids that makes your guitar stand out in the solos or create easily accessible alternative EQ configurations accessible.

A few YouTubers really like this pedal, check out the videos.

The All you can Boost is our vision of a versatile, swiss-army-knife-style boost pedal. The unit features two independent boost circuits that interact with each other, giving you a combined signal increase of more than 30dB with both controls at full level.

But dialing in combinations between the two boost controls will unlock the full potential of the pedal. If you want to shape your sound even further, simply switch on the active 3-band EQ and adjust the sound to your taste.