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The Revelation Effects Revenant is the first pedal by a Canadian company best known for its cables. It’s a moderately tweakable, high-headroom preamp & boost circuit with a separate boost footswitch and a 3-band EQ.

Working internally at 18v, the Revenant is designed to interact with your amp in order to expand your palette of dirty and clean tones. Since the boost is placed before the preamp, it can saturate internally and then also push the front end of your amp into breakup – or beyond.

The boost has two modes, Full Range, i.e. a clean boost, and Hi-Pass Filter (engaged by the HPF toggle), which produces a tone closer to the ones of the treblebooster, great for a tighter and edgier sound.

There’s another toggle called Clip, which facilitates clipping – since the pedal’s high headroom allows it to sound clean even when the Gain and Boost knobs are towards their maximum settings.

Check out the Revelation Effects Revenant in the videos below!

Revelation Effects Revenant Preamp & Boost

The Revenant Preamp-Boost is an always on pedal designed to interact with your amp or IR to get the optimal amount of gain and harmonic content from your guitar or bass. When using it at high volumes it is ideal to push the front end of your amp all while EQ’ing to fit your particular instrument and/or sound-style.

When used at lower volumes engaging the clipping option will add some compression and saturation without having to crank your amp. The boost also has two options, a full frequency boost and a high-pass filter boost. The latter is great for guitarists who want to tighten things up by adding saturation and volume without getting muddy. The full frequency boost keeps all the EQ but give you more.

Because the boost comes before the preamp you will also get some added saturation. Use the Revenant at the end of your dry signal chain to fine tune the sound of your pedals. Once you’ve set your sound you’ll often find that the dirt pedals used before it sound better than they did before. The Revenant Preamp-Boost, Bringing your tone back from the dead.


  • High headroom preamp for guitar or bass.
  • 9v internally charges to 18v.
  • Clean or clipping gain.
  • 3-band active EQ.
  • Two-mode boosts: Full range and High-Pass filter boost.
  • Soft-touch relay bypass and boost switches.
  • 2-Year Warranty on parts and labour.