Music Box Pedals Klone

The Music Box Pedals Klone is a high-end Klon clone built in NJ, USA, with top mount jacks using quality components that comes in three different case/knob combinations.

Here’s the first video of it, we added it to our article about the best Klon clones!

Music Box Pedals Klone, Builder’s Notes

The Klone Drive is my take on one of the most popular overdrives ever. This pedal does everything that you’d expect from the K-style circuit. It is a fantastic boost pedal, with a ton of boost for your signal. Crank the Gain knob and you can get some amazing overdrive tones. It is perfect for stacking with other pedals!

Pedal Features:

– Top quality components throughout

– Hand soldered through-hole components

– Hand matched NOS Germanium diodes

– Neutrik audio jacks

– High quality Lumberg DC power jacks (9vDC ONLY)

– Top mount jacks

– Alpha potentiometers

– Softer-click footswitch

– Custom UV printed faceplates

– Custom handmade bag


MusicBoxPedals do not come with battery snaps.