Donner Ultimate Comp

The Donner Ultimate Comp is a surprisingly subtle, great-sounding mini compressor. Best for a spanky sound, not so much for sustain. Works well for country, blues, funk, and jazz rhythm tones. Also sold under the Rowing and VSN brands.

We added this pedal to our article about the best mini compressor pedals.

Donner Ultimate Comp, Builder’s Notes

Inspired By Classics And More
The Ultimate Comp is inspired by expensive studio rack-mount optical compressor/limiter units, recreating the iconic smooth, warm compression sound.

Easy Controls, Wide Flexibilities
The Ultimate Comp features an easy-to-use three-knob tone controlscheme:COMP(compression intensity), TONE (brightness) and LEVEL (output volume) for dialing in your exact sound. Each knob gives you a wide control range.

Two Modes
The Ultimate Comp offers a the two-way selector for choosing from two sound settings: NORMAL, for a neutral optical compressor sound, and TREBLE, for a brighter optical compressor sound with more bite.

1. DC 9V Jack: For a power supply, use a 9-volt DC adapter, with at least 500mA (centernegative).

2. Tone Selector: Switches between two modes: NORMAL: Neutral compression tone. TREBLE: Brighter compression tone.

3. LEVEL Knob: Controls the output volume.

4. TONE Knob: Controls the effect tone.

5. COMP Knob: Controls the intensity of compression.

6. Input and Output Jacks: 1/4 mono audio jacks, for connecting to your guitar, other effects, or an amplifier.

7. Foot Switch : Tap to switch to turn the unit on or off. The LED will light up when the effect is on.