For those who are wondering if the Klon-mania has reach Ukraine, the answer is: “yes.” The Noise Space Audio Klone is hand-built by a one-person, Kiev-based builder that specializes in recreations and reinterpretations of popular gain circuits.

This version of the Klon can be categorized as a reinterpretation, since it features a series of mods: while it uses NOS USSR ?9? diodes, which were used in the original Klon, it replaces the Electrolytic capacitors in the audio path with high-quality film capacitors and audio-grade electrolytic capacitors.

It also adds two toggles for extra tonal options: a 3-way low-frequency one and a 2-way gain one.

Check out the videos of it. We added the Noise Space Audio Klone to our list of the Best Klone Clones.

Noise Space Audio Klone. There is no need to explain what this pedal is inspired by.

What’s so special about our take on a Klon Centaur compared to other Klone?

1. NOS USSR ?9? diodes. Some say that these are the ones used in the original Klon.

2. Electrolytic capacitors in audio path are replaced with high quality film capacitors and audio-grade electrolytic capacitors.

3. Three position low frequency switch

4. Two position gain mode switch.

So what’s about those switches on the Klone?

They are all about the gain knob and it’s core functionality.

Every single clone of Klon and Klon itself has got a dual gain knob.