Handy FX Minotaur Klone

The Handy FX Minotaur Overdrive is a new addition to the ever-growing family of K-style overdrives, aka Klon Centaur clones, aka Klones.

The Klon Centaur is the most buzzworthy guitar pedal out there, with original units selling for over $5,000. Although the Minotaur shares the simple 3-knob layout of the original, it allows for more flexibility thanks to two under-the-hood side sliders (pictured below).

handy fx side switchers

The left switch allows setting the circuit to True or Buffered Bypass, while the one on the right – more intriguingly – provides a CENT mode tuned after the original and a higher gain and fatter bass mode labeled as MINO.

We added the Handy FX Minotaur to our shopping guide about the best Klon Clones and Evolutions.

Handy FX Minotaur Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

The Minotaur is the Handy FX take on the classic K-style overdrive. With the familiar layout and classic knobs, you’ll feel right at home with this pedal at your feet. Like the original, the Minotaur sounds excellent as a tone-shaping boost at the end of your drive section, but it also offers some of the best over-driven sounds we’ve heard. Don’t be afraid to turn that GAIN knob up! The Minotaur offers two internal slide switches for you to control whether it uses True or Buffered BYPASS, and whether you want to stick to the original circuit in CENT mode or the higher gain and fatter bass of MINO mode.