Studio Daydream HMP SILVER KCM-OD

The Studio Daydream HMP Silver KCM-OD is yet another addition to the numerous family of the Klon Centaur clones. This particular device hailing from Japan gets really good reviews and it’s manufactured by a company that’s been around since 2008 and is dedicated to high quality dirt boxes. It also buids a gold version Klone (the KCM-OD Gold) that fetches for over $300.

What you get is an authentic recreation of the original Silver Klon with the exact same controls, delivering the famous transparent boost to low gain overdrive. The circuit employs a 27V booster circuit utilizing a charge pump IC, while careful selection of parts and design results in an extremely low noise.

We added this pedal to our article about the Best Klon Clones.

A compact OD that stores an exquisite instrument with a comfortable midrange. Set to build sound foundation, covering booster to low gain overdrive. Through the proper use of carbon and metal film resistors, it also reproduces numerical resistance that can be normally difficult to obtain. Equipped with a 27V booster circuit utilizing a charge pump IC. Careful selection of parts and construction of board design results in an extremely low noise finish. For this version, a dedicated casing along with a large pointer knob has been adopted.


Buffered Bypass
Blue LED
Power consumption : DC9V
Power spply : 006P battery or AC adaptor [5.5mm AC adaptor jack for 2.1mm negative pin] Dimensions : approx. D3.8” x W4.9″ x H1.9” [D97mm x W125mm x H49mm] (Including the convex parts like the jacks, the knobs, the switches, etc.)

To avoid the metal terminals of the battery snap short-circuiting the board, isolate the metal terminals with something like a terminal cap or tape when removing the battery and driving the adapter.

This unit is for a 9V drive only. In the event that excessive voltage has been input, the protection circuit of this unit may activate protection against a short circuit of the power supply causing the power supply to be cut. This protection circuit can protect the unit from short-term excess voltage such as surges, but if the voltage continues to be in excess for over a certain period of time, it will stop working and need repairing.

Failure caused by using a power supply different from that specified above is not seen as an initial failure and not covered by the warranty.

We do not offer warranties for any situations caused by misuse of this equipment.

Since this product is completed by hand, there may be unevenness in the paint or minor scratches.

The specifications in the instructions or the product’s appearance may change without notice due to production conditions or other reasons.

Please make your decision after careful consideration, as we do not accept cancellations for reasons such as the product being different from your expectations.

We always conduct checks, so please confirm functionality after it arrives.

In the rare event of initial failure, we will provide support on our end. To add, the period during which we will provide support for initial failure is
within 14 days after receiving your item.

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