Mask Audio Titan

Mask Audio Electronics Titan is a stripped-down fuzz pedal by a boutique builder based in Michigan that offers a wide-ranging set of tones from a very limited set of controls.

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TITAN looms over your pedalboard. Its mighty sword hangs ready to defile any in its path. It gazes down from the apex, ready to challenge all who come before it.

Titan started as one of my first DIY projects – a stripped-down take on the Big Muff. In mid-2019, Evan from Dirge Electronics and I did a limited run of Titan where we started with the DIY version and took it to its maximum. Full-on amp-slaying carnage, made specifically for low tuned instruments and bass guitar. When I considered introducing it to the production line-up I went back to that version. I worked it to have a gain knob with range while still retaining its crushing bass sound. The result is a wide-ranging set of tones from a very limited set of controls. Pleasant transistor overdrive to full-on doom meltdown.

Controls are as follows:
LOUD: Master volume
MORE: Gain – As you roll this control back it removes bass as well as gain to produce a crunchy overdrive sound
Toggle: Texture – Introduces Schottky diodes into the circuit for more compression and upper octave artifacts

Titan features soft-touch relay bypass Incandenza switching developed by Steve Demedash. Titan uses a standard Boss-style power supply (9VDC 2.1mm center negative) and top-mounted jacks.

This is the first MAE project to have enclosures finished in house. Because of variations in the etching and stamping process, each Titan will look distinct.