Mask Audio Electronics MAYBE? Fuzz

A marriage of the company’s two fuzz circuits named Yes and No, the appropriately named Maybe? is a super-tweakable dual fuzz. Each side can be played independently or stacked on top of the other.

Judging from the builder’s words, the destiny of this union is doomed to be destructive, at least sonically speaking:

MAYBE? can provide the amp destroying sounds you never knew you needed.
Maybe set up one side for a full-bodied fuzz and filter it with the other?
Maybe set up one side as a fake PLL bass clobbering its way through an overdrive?

The right half of the pedal is the YES! side, which includes a More knob that controls the input of that half of the circuit and a Loud knob providing plenty of volume.

The left half is NO, with a Thud control that sets the amount of bass going into the first octave generator and a Loud knob for volume.

Each half has two sets of toggles:

Splat sets the amount of gating on the YES! side, letting more high-end through in the top position.
Hell Switches transistors in the octave divider, creating an effect reminiscent of PLL devices.
Honk debiases the NO. side with broken results at lower levels and a mid-rangey overdrive tone at higher settings.
Pain: Controls the octave emphasis of the NO. side

Words can’t explain this pedal sounds as well as audio, so check out the videos below for a better idea about what this device can do.