Madsen Amplification GE Boost

The Madsen Amplification GE Boost is an exact, high-end, point-to-point replica of the Dallas Rangemaster, also known as Treble Booster. It’s hand built in Camdenton, MO by company owner Maynard Madsen.

Even though it only features one knob and a 3-way switch input capacitor selector, this unit will set you back $375, because that’s the price of quality components and top-notch design.

Check out how it sounds in the videos below.

Madsen Amplification GE Boost, Builder’s Notes

The Madsen Amplification Ge Boost is a handcrafted germanium treble boost with a simple feature set allowing you to focus on making music. The circuit is identical to the original Dallas Rangemaster with the addition of a three way input capacitor selector, pull down resistance to eliminate footswitch pop, and its housed in a pedalboard friendly footswitchable box.

The inspiration for building the Ge Boost was my love of Rory Gallagher’s guitar playing and tone. The way he used his volume control and playing dynamics to coax a wide variety of clean and dirty tones out of an AC30 pushed by a Dallas Rangemaster is a perfect example of a simple rig and a player who has full command of their instrument.