Browne Amplification Atom

The Browne Amplification Atom is the latest gain pedal by the Kansas City-based creators of the Protein, one of the most talked about boutique dual gain pedals of the last few years. It’s actually directly related to that pedal, since it’s the green side of it, therefore an Nobels ODR-1-inspired overdrive.

For this standalone circuit, the builder lowered the gain to make it useable throughout the entire sweep of the knob and restored some of the mids while tightening the low end, changes that make this pedal closer, tonally, to a Tube Screamer.

A redesigned power section gives this circuit a response reminiscent of a tube amp, contributing to an overdriven tone that’s classic and unique at once, adding warmth and balance to thin tones without losing the air and high-end definition.

Browne Amplification Atom, Builder’s Notes

The ATOM Nashville Overdrive is the green side of the Protein Dual Overdrive as a stand-alone unit. While this circuit originated from the classic ODR-1 circuit, this is not an ODR-1 clone. Browne Amps lowered the gain to make it useable throughout the entire sweep of the knob, adjusted the EQ section to make it less scooped, restored some of the mids and tightened up the low end (to add just the right amount of low mid “beef” back into your tone without becoming muddy). They also redesigned the power section to make it feel more like a tube amp that is working hard! The ATOM is a unique overdrive all on its own.

Imagine an ODR-1 and a Tube Screamer came together and ended the war between them – the strong alliance that would be formed is the ATOM.

The ATOM’s uniqueness is found in its ability to transform a thin sounding amp (or amp that has to be quiet and can’t be pushed) to feel like an amp that is pushing some air and has some weight to it. This is accomplished by adding the right combination of low mids & mids, as well as giving you a little bit of sag that makes playing a loud tube amp so enjoyable.

The ATOM is an extremely versatile tool to have in your arsenal. Take some time to really get to know it, and you will fall in love.
The dimensions of the ATOM are 4.8” x 2.64” x 1.6” (2.25” with knobs) and is powered by a 9V power supply with draw of 11mA. It has soft switching with an adjustable startup state and a beautiful matte powder coat called Flat Dark Earth, keeping the ATOM in the militaristic aesthetic loved by fans of Browne Amplification.