LPD Pedals Seventy4

Golden pedals are normally either Klon clones or Plexi-style distortions. The Lawrence Petross DesignSeventy 4 is the latter, an in-the-box recreation of the full distortion delivered by Marshall Plexi and Master Volume amps from the mid to late ’70.

This box offers an extra dose of gain for good measure and a 4-knob EQ section (Low, Mids, Highs and Presence) for extra tonal flavor.

We added the LPD Pedals Seventy4 to our list of Best Marshall Distortion Pedals, check out how it sounds in the videos below.

Combine amazing mids, presence for days and lush underbelly of lows that can be tuned to match any rig – the vintage ‘70s tones this little marvel can drive are legendary, and the gain available is beyond any throwback tribute. Hello, Wisconsin.