LPD Pedals Mach I Distortion

The LPD Pedals Mach I Distortion is the latest pedal by a small builder that seems to be specializing in amp-in-a-box pedals. In this case, the “boxed” amp is in the Bogner/Boogie/KittyHawk style, producing think tones with lots of midrange heard in many ’90s alt-rock records.

The controls in this pedals are for Level, Drive, Treble and Bass, with two toggle switches, one increasing the headroom and the other one delivering two different mid frequency settings.

Check it out!

LPD Pedals Mach I Distortion, Builder’s Notes

The LPD Mach I Distortion is a preamp based on the Bogner/Boogie/KittyHawk style of gain that was popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Thick and punchy with plenty of midrange to cut through a mix. Loads of harmonics and a feature set that allows tailoring to any setup. Level, Drive, Treble, and Bass plus HDRM and Mids toggle switches round out the control set.

  • 9 Volt Operation, center negative polarity (BOSS style)

  • Bass control is pre-clipping and will add more gain to the lower frequencies as it’s turned up

  • Internal trimmer for the amount of midrange boost associated with the Mids toggle

  • HDRM control two levels of headroom

  • True bypass switching