LPD Pedals Sixty8 Deluxe

Designed to sound like the company owner’s own and beloved 1968 Plexi 12000 series, the LPD Sixty8 Deluxe delivers that dynamic Plexi tone, with the vintage Marshall amps’ signature sustain at relatively low distortion settings, plus an extra switchable higher gain channel and ALSO a separate boost circuit placed before the drive and featuring its own control and footswitch.

The center footswitch alternates between the two drive channels, which cannot be stacked. When the center LED is green, the lower gain channel is active; when it’s red, the higher gain one is on. When even more volume is needed, the Boost provides up to 24dB of  extra full range volume, fed into the overdrive.

This means that, in total, the players have a total of 5 different tone options at their toetips: Clean (bypass), Green, Green + Boost, Red, and Red + Boost.

Also, in this pedal, the Drive knob activates a gradual high-pass filter at higher settings, cutting out some low-end for a tighter tone, just like in the original

Check out the videos below. We added it to our article about the best Plexi-style overdrive pedals.

LPD Pedals Sixty8 Deluxe, Builder’s Notes

The Sixty8 Deluxe takes the original Sixty8 Drive and makes it a performance monster.

We’ve made the low gain (Green) and high gain (Red) channels foot switchable. This gives access to all those great Plexi tones on the fly. We’ve added a 24dB full range boost that functions independently allowing for use with the Sixty8 or on its own.

The boost is clean up to about 1 o’clock then it starts adding it own overdrive/fuzz. A total of 5 different tones are available. Clean (bypass), Green, Green + Boost, Red, and Red + Boost. Couple that with 9-18 volt operation, soft touch switching, rugged construction and elegant styling.

* 9-18 VDC Operation
* Low current draw, 12mA
* Power outage / brown out default to bypass
* Top mounted Switchcraft input, output and DC jacks
* Soft touch click free switching
* Performance switchable independent 24dB adjustable pre-gain Boost
* Two performance switchable Gain modes Red (high) and Green (low)
* Independent control of each of the 3 switching operations; Active/Bypass, Gain Mode, and Boost