Notwithstanding its innocuous appearance, the Berry Pedals Double Doom Fuzz is, in a word, evil.

Hailing from Australia, this baby feeds a fuzz into another fuzz, with demonic results, in particular if you stack the two pedals together.

It’s a dual-channel version of the company’s Doom Fuzz, which is already by itself pretty aggressive, but it can deliver some cleaner, almost overdriven tone at low volume settings, which in this configuration gives you three different tonal options at the tip of your toes.

Each channel also has a two-way toggle that delivers a slightly different character, with the Doom setting sounding brighter and the Doom+ fatter and slightly darker.

Here’s the demo!

Berry Pedals Double Doom Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen A LOT of Doom Fuzzes on this page lately but I can’t help myself, really I can’t.
A few weeks ago I had myself a blast combining 2 of my Doom Fuzz (silicon insane gain) pedals together, not really thinking it’d work. Or work that well.

But it does.

This pedal is one fuzz running directly into the other. Both of them can be run independently or together, with the ‘Doom/Doom+’ switches working as normal. ‘Doom’ is bright and ‘Doom +’ is dark.

The right side runs into the left side, this means when using both of them together the RIGHT side with be a gain boost and the LEFT side will be a volume boost. When using it as a gain boost it gets into this insane fuzzed-out-crazy-ass-synth sound and I LOVE IT.