LPD Pedals OFFSET Delay

Recently LPD Pedals, a boutique builder that made its name in the Plexi overdrive ring, has been announcing and releasing a lot of new, streamlined, high-quality non-gain pedals, and the OFFSET is the company’s take on the 4-knob digital delay with Tap Tempo.

The controls are exactly what you may expect from such device, but there is a trick up the Offset’s sleeve: when Tap Tempo is engaged by pressing twice on the right footswitch at the desired tempo, the Time knob becomes a Divisions control offering 8th-note triplet, 8th-note, dotted 8th-note, and quarter-note.

Hear the sound of the LPD Pedals OFFSET Delay in the videos below.

The Offset Delay delivers 50ms to 1 second delay times with both Standard and Tap Tempo modes. Enter Tap Tempo mode by tapping the Tempo foot switch at least twice at your desired tempo. The Tempo LED will begin to flash at the set tempo. In Tap mode the Time control becomes a Divisions control. 0-25%: 8th-note triplet, 25-50%: 8th-note, 50-75%: dotted 8th-note, 75-100%: quarter-note. Tap the Tempo foot switch once to exit Tap mode. Time control returns to standard operation. Tone control affects only the repeats.

Includes Level, Tone, Repeats and Time controls, 9V DC Operation, and Soft Touch Tails Switching