LCO Industries Ours & Hours

The LCO Industries Ours & Hours is an intriguing take on the lo-fi reverb by an emerging pedal builder based in Aberdeen, MD.

Presented as a lo-fi reverb calculator, this device gives you a variety of reverb (and delay) effects, from the traditional to the adventurious, with just five knobs and two footswitches.

The original concept here (and we can’t remember any other pedal that does this, barring maybe some digital multi-effects) is the blending of two different reverbs through the Blend knob: spring reverb (turn knob to the left for more) and a lo-fi ambient-style delay/reverb (turn knob to the right for more).

As expected, the Reverb knob sets the balance between dry and wet signal and the Time one the length of the effect, while a Filter knob makes things darker, accentuating the lo-finess – but also warmth, at more subtle settings – of the tone. This also tends to affect the early reflections more than the lingering ambiance.

But it’s the Drag knob that adds an extra touch of flexibility and creativity to this circuit: it’s a unique control that strteches the extension of the reverb, generating some very gnarly tones at higher settings.

The mixing of the two reverbs, with the added variables provided by the other four controls, creates a noteworthy range of effects just waiting to be explored.

And if that’s not enough, the second footswitch triggers a momentary effect of infinite self-oscillation, which will surely be appreciated by guitarists with experimental and psychedelic leanings.

Here’s the launch video of the Ours & Hours.

LCO Industries Ours & Hours Lo-Fi Reverb Calculator, Builder’s Notes

Throwing the idea of a traditional reverb pedal out the window, the Lco Industries Ours & Hours Lo-Fi Reverb Calculator is an extremely versatile reverb pedal that offers musicians the ability to blend a subtle classic spring reverb with an immersive, extended ambient reverb. The pedal features a user-friendly design with controls for Blend, Filter, Drag, Time, Reverb, allowing you to easily shape your sound.

Inside, two separate reverb signals are blended using the Blend control. The Filter control allows you to control the early reflections of the reverb. Reverb and Time controls allow you to set the basic parameters of the reverb. Drag is a unique control which modifies the extension of the reverb. Additionally, there is a secondary foot switch to create an infinite loop of self-oscillation and experimental textures. The Ours & Hours simple to use, yet unique feature set will redefine what musicians imagine what a reverb pedal is.