The prototype of the Surfy Industries SurfyFuzz was unveiled at NAMM 2024 by the Swedish builder best known for its real spring reverbs, and we shot a video of it (at the bottom of this post). It is now shipping but the first batch is already sold out.

It’s a ’60s/’70s-style fuzz with a lot of tweakability, thanks to controls not normally found on fuzz pedals and a toggle switch that gives you USA and Japan voicings – with the Japanese side sounding “fatter” than the US one.

The carefully designed set of controls allows the player to dial up a variety of tones ranging from thin and sputtery sound of the early fuzzes all the way to more modern and full tones used for heavy rock genres.

The Harmonics knob helps compensate for pickups with a lower output or a thinner sound (like single coil ones).

The Mass controls the low end, adding more body to the fuzz tone at higher levels.

But it’s the Intensity knob that’s the most interesting and unique, blending two gain stages. At zero, the fuzz tone is less heavy, with some of the guitar’s clean signal left in it to give it some dynamics and clarity – that’s more audible when the Mass control is low. Turning up the Intensity, all the gain stages contribute to the resulting fuzz tone.

Surfy Industries SurfyFuzz, Builder’s Notes

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